Excellent cure rate with a short residue period.

Cefa-Safe DCT delivers the excellent cure rates achieved with cephalosporin DCT, but with a profile that provides a shorter withholding period. This offers an alternative to long-acting cephalosporins (e.g. Cepravin) in situations where:

  • There is a short dry period
  • A long-acting DCT is used for the herd, but there are also some early-calving cows
  • There is a desire to reduce the potential for positive IS tests in colostrum
  • There is an indication for a short-acting product in combination with a non-antibiotic teat sealant.
Dual tip insertion

The cap of the Cefa-Safe syringe can be partially or fully removed, allowing easier partial insertion of the syringe.

Studies indicate that partial insertion can reduce the chance of introducing infection or damaging the teat canal.

Withholding periods


Treatment is to be 28 days before calving. Milk from the first 8 milkings after calving must be discarded. If calving occurs within 28 days of the last treatment, milk should be discarded until after the full 28 days from treatment and a further 8 milkings have elapsed.


21 days

Pack size

Herd pack – 200 syringes (50 cows).