In cows where an antibiotic DCT is indicated, Cepravin gives unsurpassed performance

Cepravin, as part of a mastitis management plan, achieves all the objectives of a successful dry cow therapy plan. Cepravin is backed by data that shows:

  • Cepravin is proven to cure existing infections1,2,3
  • Cepravin accelerates teat closure2
  • Cepravin prevents new infections during the dry period2,3,4,5
  • Cepravin protects against mastitis and reduces new infections at and around the calving period2,3
  • Cepravin reduces somatic cell counts during lactation2,5
  • Cepravin alone is as efficacious as internal teat seal plus shorter-acting DCT in New Zealand trial work3
  • Cepravin's performance has only been improved on by adding internal teat seal6,7

Can you think of another DCT with this kind of proven track record?

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