Have the following ready before dry off:
  • Experienced staff
  • Something to record numbers on – ready to be transferred to your animal health records
  • Spray can for marking treated cows
  • Teatwipes or cotton balls soaked in 70% alcohol
  • Teatspray and sprayer
  • Plenty of time (allow about 20 cows/person/hour to do the job thoroughly)

Before treatment
  • Finish milking, then bring the cows back in for treatment
  • Mark cows to be treated with spray can
  • Record ID numbers of treated cows and the date of treatment
Cleaning teats
  • Clean the teats furthest away from you first, then the teats nearest to you
  • Use wipes or cotton wool balls to thoroughly scrub the teat end clean
  • Use one wipe per teat, or additional wipes as needed, until they come away clean
Inserting the syringe
  • Use the dual-tip syringe to select your desired insertion length (partial insertion is recommended)
  • Carefully insert the syringe tip into the teat end, taking care not to damage the teat
  • Infuse the full contents of the syringe into the teat
Repeat for rest of teats
  • Following on from the front left, repeat steps 3 and 4 moving clockwise, front left, front right, back right, back left
  • For each teat, clean thoroughly, insert product, then move onto next teat.
After treatment
  • Spray teats thoroughly with an effective teatspray
  • Put cows out onto clean pasture
  • Check daily in the paddock for signs of mastitis, but don’t bring the herd into the shed for at least 7-10 days
  • Do have enough time and experienced personnel to administer DCT properly.
  • Do treat cows immediately after last milking for the current lactation.
  • Do ensure milk volume at dry off is at least 5L per cow before administering DCT.
  • Do ensure that ALL cows have dry off dates and treatment recorded and they are marked clearly.
  • Do ensure DCT is administered in a strictly clean manner – follow your veterinarian’s instructions.
  • Do insert the DCT tube no more than 3mm into the teat canal (dual tip syringes will help).
  • Do apply teat spray of correct concentration after DCT administration.
  • Do follow all label instructions and withholding periods
  • Do ensure your milking plant is hot washed and the filter socks changed between milkings at the start of the next season.
  • Do ensure your volume at first pick up is as close to 1,000L as possible
  • Do not dry off using the skip a day milking method
  • Do not administer DCT during milking – bring cows back into the shed for the sole purpose of administering DCT only.
  • Do not soak individual syringes in water.
  • Do not use old or previously opened teat wipes.
  • Do not administer DCT into dry quarters that are not normally milked (dry or blind quarters).
  • Do not bring cows back into the milking shed for at least 7 days following the administration of DCT.